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3 initial discussions to have with your electrician when building a new home

19 Apr

3 initial discussions to have with your electrician when building a new home

Building a new home can be challenging and exciting at the same time. A new home build is a blank canvas where plans can be moulded to your family and individual needs. In many cases when it comes to new homes electrical works, this is forgotten and it is almost entirely left to electricians to decide the functional and design aspects. As much as a reliable electrician can provide expert advice and input, a new home build is a perfect opportunity for  the potential owners or occupants of the new home to customise the electrical design and functionality to their needs.

Make your electrician your consultant. Make use of your electrician’s knowledge and experience and take the time to discusss your family’s needs and the desired functionality of your new home. Involve your electrician from the start.

So, here are a few things to talk about with your electrician when building a new home?

1:  The number of outlets you would need in your new home for each of the rooms, living spaces and common areas such as the kitchen, laundry and hallway. Each individual in a household has their own set of needs and this is often overlooked especially when its an existing home; while a new home build is the perfect opportunity to give due consideration to each individual’s needs.

2: The electrical system in your new home in its entirety needs to be of a sufficient size to match your family’s lifestyle. Although typically, one hundred to two hundred amps is adequate for a standard sized house and household, you should most certainly take the time to discuss how electricity is used in your household on a daily basis and the type and size of appliances you plan to install.

3. In the current day and age, the discussion around use of electricity in your household should include the rising costs and it’s environmental effects. Many people building new homes are now having discussions around energy saving fittings and automation and control devices to reduce the costs of energy. From simple measures such as installation of LED lighting to remotely controlled automation systems, there is a number of options available that could reduce your consumption and its environmental effects.

In a nutshell, a reliable licensed electrician should always be at at hand to make all the important recommendations when it comes to electrical design and functionality whilst letting them take charge when it comes to the all important electrical safety in your new home.

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